Q. How much does a custom cake cost?
A. Cake prices vary widely based on number of servings, design, & complexity. If you have a specific design in mind, email it to us for a quote: Customcakesnc@gmail.com Be sure to include: Your name, Contact number, Date needed, & Number of servings. Also attach any pictures or examples you may have.

Q. How far in advance do I need to place an order?
A. We typically book 2-3 weeks in advance, however we may be able to fill your order depending on what you need. Call us to confirm: 704-464-0767 Option 1

Q. What items do you have on the dessert bar?
A. We keep a variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, and cheesecakes out daily. If youre looking for something specific, call us to confirm we have it that day: 704-464-0767

Q. When do I pay for my order?
A. Orders placed 2 or more weeks out: A NON REFUNDABLE 50% deposit is due at the time of order. Orders placed LESS than two weeks: The ENTIRE amount is due at the time of order. Orders placed 7 days or less in advance: The ENTIRE amount PLUS a rush fee (Pending space is available) is due at the time of order.

Q. If I send BW Sweets a picture of what I want, can the cake be identical?
A. We cannot guarantee that any work we create will be an exact replica, we will do our best to accommodate any special requests.

Q. Do you offer Gluten Free Desserts?
A. YES, we offer Gluten Free Cakes, Cupcakes, & Cheesecakes. These items are special order only.

Q. Is BW Sweets a "Nut Free" bakery?
A. NO. We used nuts in our bakery for a variety of products and it may be possible for nuts to come in contact with other items. 

Q. I am thinking about placing an order, does BW Sweets Bakery offer cake testings?
A. YES. Cake tastings can be scheduled by calling the store. The cost is $50 and includes a 30 minute consultation and tasting of 4 flavors on the dessert bar. If you do NOT schedule a tasting, we cannot accommodate you. However you may come in and purchase slices at any time to try different flavors.

Q. I need to cancel my order, what do I do?
A. We realize that life happens and things may arise that prevent you from having an event or needing a cake. HOWEVER, we base our business off of the orders we accept. We do NOT offer refunds of any kind for any reason. We MAY be able to provide you a cake on a different occasion or offer you a store credit. These decisions are made by management on a case by base basis.

Q. Where can I see more examples of BW Sweets Bakery's work?
A. Click HERE to view more pictures of our work.