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 Many ways to serve you! 

  • East Town Market (5820 East WT Harris Blvd)
  • Southend Express (1425 Winnifred Street)
  • Westend (2023 Beatties Ford Rd) (Summer 2021)
  • Lady Pik-n-Paw (Food Truck) Check Social media for Locations


Our Dessert bar is open daily and is filled full of grab and go goodies for you! We also keep a selection of whole cakes on hand in case you need something on the fly!

Daily Dessert bar includes

  • 16 Different flavors of cake slices
  • 16 Different varieties of cheesecakes
  • 5 Different Cheesecake Cake Combos
  • Brownies
  • HOT Cinnamon Rolls (East Town Market Location Only)
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • Fruity Pebble Treats
  • HOT Cobbler (East Town Market Location Only)
  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Mini Pies
  • Candy Apples
  • Cake Pops
  • Pound Cake Slices
  • Cheesecake Brownies
  • Banana Pudding
  • Whole Cakes
  • Ice cream (East Town Market Location Only)
  • Hot Pretzels (East Town Market Location Only)

Products & Services

We are a full service bakery here to serve you! Click on the links and browse our website.